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Leadership Facilitation

The challenges of our time are calling us to demonstrate leadership of greater wholeness and integrity. Leadership that builds trust in the workplace, understanding, and respect. 


Answering this call with courage and clarity often requires us to reflect and understand the relationship between our inner and outer lives.  


Whether it's visioning, leadership transitions, clarifying values and principles, or difficult conversations, we can design and facilitate a transformative leadership development series for your team or organization.


The facilitation uses principles and practices based on the work of Parker J. Palmer and the Center for Courage & Renewal.

Executive Coaching

A journey that taps your inner wisdom and knowledge as a leader along with strategic frameworks, resources and support to maximize your impact.  Areas most often addressed include:

  • Navigating organization change or growth

  • Managing a diverse leadership team

  • Effective communication amidst conflicts

  • Growing into a new leadership position

  • Building trust and a psychologically safe work culture

  • Personal and professional sustainability

  • Increasing board effectiveness


"What a true honor and gift it has been to have you as our facilitator. You bring us the most delicious recipe of experience, empathy, confidence, humility, and vulnerability - AND you're just really fun.


Your passion for this work is infectious and I'm deeply touched by the way curiosity and wonder are ever-present in you. I also love your ability to laugh at yourself and to quickly respond to and integrate feedback from those around you.

Thank you for sharing your gifts with us. I feel so seen by you."   


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