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"Each individual has a spark that is amplified by presence. This presence transforms our experience of our self and others. It removes preconceived limits and opens our minds and hearts to new possibilities."                             -Alex Dorsey


Founder of Urban Collaboratives, Alex Dorsey is a passionate facilitator with more than 25 years building and serving communities in the fields of community redevelopment, nonprofit and for-profit business management.


In 2011, synchronistic events led her to Parker J. Palmer's book A Hidden Wholeness and a series of seasonal retreats that begin to refine the focus of her work. Alex began training in the facilitation process with the Center of Courage & Renewal in 2016.


Alex offers facilitation, consultation, and executive coaching to grow dynamic leadership, trust and deepen a sense of belonging in individuals and organizational cultures. She is also a guest lecturer at the University of Southern California.

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"Alex's facilitation skills are best in class."



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